Henna Residence Layout

Henna Residence layout are all Flexi-units, where walls are no hindrances to yours desired layout. Checkout our range of layouts from 1/2/3/4 bedrooms and our villa.

It is a home that journeys with you over a life time. Most importantly it is Freehold title and that is what make Henna Residence walks though A life journey with you. Understand that the market needs more space to live in, the layout are designed to be squarish. This is to ensure the practicality of your home and also no space are wasted.No matter what your lifestyle may be –a swinging bachelor who needs one bedroom now and two in future; or a multi-generation family that needs four bedrooms transforming to a luxurious one-bedroom. You can. Inside your house is where your soul is at ease. you will find a comfort zone that comes with a variety of layouts and sizes. 

Located on high ground at the beautiful estate of Quartz WM, the units here are blessed both by sunrise and sunset views You can come home for tranquil living. Henna Residence is proundly presented to you by Carson Design – the same Architect for KLCC’s Luxury Condominium Marc Residence

Henna Residence Floor Plan and Layout

henna residence layout -type a
Type A
henna residence layout -type a2
Type A2
henna residence layout - type b,b1 and b2
Type B, B1 and B2
henna residence layout -type c, c1, c2 and c5
Type C, C1, C2 and C5
henna residence layout - type c3 and c4
Type C3 and C4
henna residence layout -type d and d1
Type D and D1
henna residence layout -type d2 and d3
Type D2 and D3
henna residence layout - villa
Villa Layout
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